Are you confident you're building the product your customer wants?

Failing to achieve product/market fit is the #1 risk to new business ventures.

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Who I Am

Hi there! I'm an entrepreneur, business & marketing strategist, and product consultant with nearly two decades of experience in industry. I've been a software engineer, product manager, and director of product management for startups as well as large enterprises. I've led teams to bring dozens of products to market and have executed numerous six-figure product launches. Today my team and I focus on leveraging my product execution strategy to help businesses with growth and scale.

What I Do Best

  • Product Strategy

    Launching products is a complex process. Are you sure you have a product your market wants? Do you have the data to give you confidence your launch will succeed? Do you have the right team and strategy in place to not only build your product, but bring it to market? I've got your back:

    • Product Concept Development. You have an existing audience and an idea for a product, but the nuances of your actual offer can determine whether it will thrive or fall flat. We'll put together a market research strategy that will make sure you end up with the right offer at the right time.
    • MVP & Roadmap Development. Knowing what you need to deliver now and what can potentially wait until another day is hard to do. You and your customers have infinite vision but you have very finite resources. How do you know where to allocate your dollars first? We'll help you gather and assess data to make informed decisions, and we'll work with your development team to put together time estimates and a release strategy.
    • Sales & Delivery Planning. Creating a product is one challenge, actually selling it is an entirely different animal. I have years of experience putting together strategies for selling to markets of all varieties, both in the consumer space as well as enterprise. We'll map out a sales funnel, tie it into your marketing strategy, and develop a tracking system that will enable you to fine tune and optimize your sales model over time.

  • Market/Customer Development

    The most successful businesses know how to truly listen to their customers and leverage their feedback to grow their businesses. This means getting clear on who your market is, how to reach them, and identifying the underlying assumptions about your market you need to test. How I do this:

    • Avatar / customer profile development
    • Minimum Viable Product (MVP) definition and testing strategy
    • Customer & Prospect feedback processes including survey strategies and win/loss interviews

  • Marketing Strategy

    Your marketing strategy should leverage the best of your existing content, should have clear goals and measurable ROI, and should be easy for you and your team to manage. How I can help:

    • Marketing Automation Development with platforms like Infusionsoft, ActiveCampaign, Mailchimp, ConvertKit and more.
    • Content strategy including content creation roadmaps and execution plans to leverage it.
    • Sales Funnel design and implementation so you can maximize and predict the value of each new lead.
    • E-Commerce strategies like cart abandonment recovery and upsell strategies.
    • Affiliate / referral traffic strategy and implementation.

  • Analytics & Tracking

    Know exactly how your marketing campaigns are performing with best-practice analytics implementation. I offer:

    • Google Analytics implementation
    • Goal / Funnel Definition and Tracing
    • Business Metric Dashboard with ROI Reporting

I’ve helped dozens of businesses pivot failing products, build revenue streams in new markets, and to integrate customer feedback loops into the product development process.


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